CRE Aquiltar, Drencher Of The Wind-0e38b935 ful
"You shal' drown beneath the wind!"
Vital statistics
Title Drencher of the Wind
Genesis Type Mini Icon Storm
Class Icon rank destructor
Planet Uzes
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Ability 1 {{{ab1}}}
Ability 2 {{{ab2}}}
Ability 3 {{{ab3}}}
Ability 4 {{{ab4}}}
Aquiltar, Drencher of the Wind, is a Storm Destructor of Uzes. Aquiltar is also one of the Wind Beings of Destruction.


[no lore yet...]

Behaviour, Attacks and TraitsEdit

  • Seems to be covered in water, and still dripping.
  • Summons hurricanes that harms the enemy periodically.
  • Shoots out bursts of high-preasured water
  • ??





  • ??

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