Chill Worm
Chill Worm edited
Vital statistics
Range Close (primarily) / Medium-long
Genesis Type Mini Icon Ice
Class Icon rank minion
Invasion Variant Kibe Worm
Apocalypse Variant Frostbite Worm
Chill Worms are small worm-like Ice Minions originating from the ravaged world of Inmo. These enemies have a Frost-Bite Aura around them, making proximite heroes take DoT Damage. In addition to the Aura, they spit dense snowballs, slowing heroes hit.


Chill worms were once simple scavenging worms. When the Mutation Mines brought Darkspore contamination to the Crogenitor Capital, Inmo, destroying most of its architecture and surface, the worms were some of the last species to be mutated, mainly because they were subterranean creatures. After their mutation, the worms gained a sub-zero skin, which spreaded an aura of extreme chill, freezing down Crogenitor soldiers to the point that they became black frozen corpses on the ground. As if it wasn't the worst, the worms can also spit the frozen food, that they keep stored, to blind their enemies, slowing them down long enough for the aura of chill to take effect.

Behaviour, Attacks and TraitsEdit

  • Relatively slow enemies
  • When at long range, will shoot slowing projectiles
  • Will attempt to come to close range, in order to use the Frost-Bite Aura, will continue to shoot projectiles
  • Frost-Bite Aura deals energy damage over time


Note: Strategy explained here is with use of heroes from Darkspore: Operation Ulozc.

Chill Worms are dangerous enemies. Although slow for a Minion, these Darkspore spit snowballs, that will slow heroes hit. While they're slowed, the worms will close in, while still slowing the hero with the snowballs. When they're in a certain proximity, their ferocious Frost-Bite Aura will take effect upon the hero, damaging him/her over time. If the hero doesn't escape the aura's range in time, they will freeze to death.

A strategy to employ against the Chill Worms is to disable them from long range, using for example Sarima's Spell of Light, which will blind the worms, rendering them unable to target heroes. Brok's Unique Ability, Moisture Attack, will slow the incoming worms, along with the projectiles within it. Whatever you do, do not engage them at close range. If you wind up being swarmed by the worms, you can use the Aqua Variant Ability Cleansing Water to cleanse the Frost-Bite for a short time and also take down the slows. Sharps' Squad Ability, Snow Wave, will slow enemies hit by the wave, ensuring that you have enough time to get out of the way.



  • The term "black, frozen corpses" that is mentioned in the lore refers to the fourth degree of frostbite, deeply freezing all affected areas, which results in purplish blisters that ultimately become black (becoming dead tissues) while, if untreated, those areas may fall off, resulting in amputation of for example fingers or toes.

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