Corona, Halo of the Wind
CRE Corona, Halo Of the Wind-0e459485 sml
Vital statistics
Range Melee and Long
Genesis Type [pending]
Class Icon rank destructor
Invasion Variant Corona, Halo of the Wind (Same)
Apocalypse Variant Corona, Halo of the Wind (Same)

Corona, Halo of the Wind, is a Solar Destructor of Solis Magna. Corona is also on of the Wind Beings of Destruction.



Behaviour, Attacks and TraitsEdit

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Download FileEdit

Corona, Halo Of the Wind





  • Corona is one of the 9 Wind Beings of Destruction that deals with Light and Aero abilities.
  • Two words in Corona's name and title, Corona and Halo mean "light."
  • Corona looks similar to Imperius from the Diablo series.