The Crogenitors are the protagonists of Darkspore, and hail from the planet now known as Scaldron. They have roamed the galaxy for eons, to the point that no planet was untouched by them, as they mutated creatures and improving themselves using the power of E-DNA... until, in their unattended hubris, they accidentally unleashed The Darkspore, a genetic nightmare beyond control, and the galaxy went under siege soon after The Darkspore began infecting planetary populations. If left unchecked, the Crogenitors' greatest mistake will soon prove to be the end of life as they knew it. They are highly advanced, capable of perfecting the device created by Zelem, that was meant to keep the remains of their homeworld, Nakto, together. (Nakto is now called Zelem's Nexus for this reason)

Known CrogenitorsEdit


  • To find a Crogenitor's equivalent cultural human age, take his or her age, divide it by 10, then multiply by 3. Round any decimals up.

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