CRE Cryo Pinner-0d847f85 sml

A Cryo Pinner

Cryo Pinners are bipedal, Scorpiod Minions that have a nasty habit of Freezing their targets.


Cryo Pinners were originaly small game hunters, using their icy tail to make short term bridges across lava rivers. The Darkspore changed them into immobilizing killers, searching for resisters of infection and freezing them until an Agent could come to finish the job. Many an Eldrisian was transfected this way.


A fight with a small amount of Cryo Pinners is a simple affair. Just stay at range so they can't hit you with the melee attack they have. If you must engage in melee, just don't let too many get near you, or it becomes a much different scenario.

A large group of Pinners will continue with their attack, keeping the Hero frozen until they are interrupted. Quite annoying, and if there's a Lieutenant near, deadly.


CRE Cryo Pinner-0d86c0e2 sml

Frost Pinner,Invasion

CRE Cryo Pinner-0d86c0e4 sml

Glacial Pinner,Apocalypse

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