Darkspore: The Darkened Ends of Time is a awesome expansion pack for the Maxis game Darkspore. This expansion to the Crogenitor's adventure to stop the darkspore since they got back in time.... how long this darkening will to begin time darkening.


A hundred years ago, time has been darkened since the Crogenitors got back in time since the Darkspore use a evil power that not let the galaxy end. A demonic god who can destroy the universe since the Crogenitors got back in tim, its name is Zordelzarx, the Demonic God of Time and Darkness who is using powers to clone Darkspore creatures to destroy the entire Darkspore universe. The Crogenitors must restore the time after darkening.....


3 new planets

  • Earth (home of Alliance Genesis)
  • Luna (moon of Earth)
  • Galactic Core (Core of the Universe)

1 New Genesis

  • Alliance (Humans)

19 new Heroes (Variants included in the number)

1 new difficulty mode for Normal Game and TDEoT

  • Insanity (Insane Mode)

11 new Destructors (Variants included in the number)

  • Vampris, the Queen of Vampires. (Necro boss encounter in Nocturna)
  • Aldaris, Dragon of Flames. (Plasma encounted in Cyros)
  • Alrada Leoris, Traitor of the Alliance. (Alliance encounted in Earth)
  • Zordelzarx, the Demonic God of Time and Darkness (Any Genesis Type Boss encountered in the Galactic Core)

1 new Boss (faced on Verdanth)

Orcus, the Devourer of Life (in a new design)

100 new Minions

21 new Lieutenants

8 new Operative

15 new Captains

Alliance Leader James Obius (Crogenitor of Earth)

1 new PvP Deathmatch Arena


  1. Typhon-5.9, the Machine Gun Commaner. Male Cyber Sentinel
  2. Mirandia, the Sniper Sergeant. Female Alliance Tempest
  3. Corinth, the Darkblade Khan. Male Necro Sentinel
  4. Julius, the Cybernetic General. Male Alliance Sentinel
  5. Cortezius, the Super Scout. Male Alliance Ravager
  6. Girina, the Harvester of Love. Female Bio Tempest
  7. Jiranda, the Lunar Marine. Female Alliance Ravager
  8. Athena, the Spear of Light. Female Quantum Ravager