CRE Grolnox The Charger-0dba4897 sml

Grolnox, or Battering Ram weapon #7 Bio Fighter

Battering Ram Weapon #7, Grolnox is a Bio Hero Scout that you may find on Verdanth or Zelem's Nexus. He is a Fighter


Grolnox is a sad case. He was used as a "guard dog" of sorts, and the traning was brutel. He was badly abused and mis treated one day, and ended up in a side street near death. Then crogenitor Taxov found him and took pity on him. He knew Grolnox was not needed as a hero, so he turned him into a Hero Scout to gain intell on the movements of the Darkspore.

Grolnox turned out to be very good at his work. He never qestioned orders, and was helpful when the Hero Scouts in training needed to be kept alive. He was prone to grumbling, but he got every job done no matter how small. All the other Hero Scouts (even the older ones) took to calling him sir. He was 'put into cryosleep one day, and when he awoke, he found he had been forgoten'. He then started yelling about whiy he wasn't being used and then Savage found him and took him to be to the others. He then proved thet he was good at another thing, that being stelth. He went on to be succesful at gathering intell, erning a place with the others.




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