IcyFire Caster
IcyFire Caster Atempt
"The being that welds Fire and Ice"
Vital statistics
Range Melee
Genesis Type Mini Icon ArticFlare
Class Icon rank lieutenant
Invasion Variant CytoLava Caster
Apocalypse Variant FrozenMagma Caster
IcyFire Casters are Hybrid Articflare Lieutenants that thrived in the planet Praxis.


They were one of the darkspore that were genetically mutated by "the master of Hybrid Darkspore" and taken to

Behaviour, Attacks and TraitsEdit

  • Enables itself to change types whenever it wants.
  • Summons IceChans and FireChans.
  • Fights with a frozen hand and a fire hand.





  • The IcyFire Caster is literally half ice and half fire, not a combined type.
  • Like Zrin, the Sun Fist, these Darkspore have a fire hand, but instead of a thunder fist, they have Ice claws.
  • IcyFire Casters are similar to the Plasma Operative Magmatic Brute, spawning two minions that can cause harm.

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