Shadowy Arachnid
Shadowy Arachnid portrait
Vital statistics
Range Medium-long
Genesis Type Icon type necro
Class Icon rank minion
Invasion Variant Stealthy Arachnid
Apocalypse Variant Undetectable Arachnid
Shadowy Arachnids are Necro Minions from the planet Sailock. They employ necrotic projectiles as offense. Also, they stealth every time they are completely covered by shadow.


Crawling through the dark lands of Sailock, nothing inspires greater fear than the dreaded shadowy arachnids. Seemingly harmless five-legged creatures, arachnids shoot blasts of dark energy from their noses, that petrify their prey. As if it wasn't the worst, arachnids owe their name to their ability to be completely invisible in shadows, setting up ambushes on unsuspecting foes, that proceed with terrifying accuracy.

Behaviour, Attacks and TraitsEdit

  • Medium-slow enemies
  • Shoot dark energy bolts
  • Bolts occasionally paralyze Heroes with dark lightning
  • Stealths, whenever entering shadow (attacks done by the arachnid don't break the stealth)

Download FilesEdit

Shadowy ArachnidStealthy ArachnidUndetectable ArachnidElite Shadowy Arachnid


Shadowy Arachnids are dangerous Minions, even when alone. The Arachnids shoot shadow projectiles, that deal energy damage to enemies hit and occasionally zap the target hit with a shadow lightning, paralyzing them for a short time. They stealth whenever entering shadow, but when attacking they briefly reveal themselves. However, after shooting they stealth again, making it nearly impossible to find them. Entering shadow will partially reveal them. Attacking them from stealth isn't worth it, as then the Arachnids do not shoot and keep their stealth.

AoE attacks are advised against Arachnids such as Sage's Strangling Briars, Char's Fiery Eruption, Andromeda's Gravity Storm, Revenant's Psychic Storm and others of such type. One should engage them in a long-range fight, likely with Tempests, because of their high Resist Rating and, since Arachinds won't attempt to flee, when shot at. Instead, they remain completely still, continously shooting their dark energy bolts, which contradicts their stealthing abilities, as it reveals their position.



  • Shadowy Arachnids have Revenant's feet and a Spectrocide Oculus on their nose.
  • All Arachnids have the Spectracidal Oculus on their heads.
  • Stealthy and Undetectable Arachnids have Arakna's feet.
  • Undetectable Arachnids have Revenant's head.
  • Elite Arachnids have feet from Spore C&C, Skar's head and Revenant's Psi Gems for eyes.

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