Shooting Walker
Shooting Walker portrait
Vital statistics
Range Medium
Genesis Type Icon type cyber
Class Icon rank minion
Invasion Variant Sharpshooting Walker
Apocalypse Variant Blasting Walker
Shooting Walkers are Cyber Minions from Yuugof. Once, Crogenitor security droids, now the Walkers use their cannons against the Crogenitors.


The robotic destroyers now known as Shooting Walkers were originally security droids in Crogenitor laboratories on Yuugof. Their task was simple: capture any loose test subject and bring them back to the lab. When the Corruptor assaulted Yuugof, most of the walkers were trashed, but soon later, they were rebuilt with the Darkspore virus running in their systems. The first thing they did was destroying the communication relays to prevent Crogenitors from getting help from other planets in vicinity. After that, they used their previous programming to capture their original creators and kill them with their rocket cannons.

Behaviour, Attacks and TraitsEdit

  • Medium-fast enemies
  • Attack with rockets, dealing Energy Damage in a small AoE
  • Rockets fly in a straight line
  • Takes increased damage, if attacked from behind

Download FilesEdit

Shooting WalkerSharpshooting WalkerBlasting WalkerElite Shooting Walker


Shooting Walkers are easy, yet dangerous enemies. They will try to stay at a distance from heroes, while continously shooting rockets at them. The rockets fly in a straight line, but are very fast, so dodging them won't be a piece of cake.

A way to counter Shooting Walkers would be to engage them at Melee Range, which would cause them to attempt an escape in order to stay away from the hero. By doing this however, they reveal their weak spot: the antenna on their rears. Hitting them in their rear armor will cause them to take double damage, meaning that You can crit on practically every hit.

An other way to destroy the walkers would be to engage them in a firefight using ranged characters. That way, you won't need to bother chasing them around the battlefield. If there are multiple walkers grouped in an area, one could use AoE's like Fiery Eruption or Strangling Briars to kill them.



  • The Onslaught and Invasion Variants of Shooting Walkers have Goliath's head.
  • Blasting Walkers have Goliath's feet, SRS-42's head, torso and Pulse Emitters, Maldri's Gravitic Scythe, Char's Pyrocarbonic Containments and Pyro Cistern and Tork's Nerve-Spore Containers.
  • Shooting Walkers have Serpah-XS' feet, Titan's Tri-Cannon and Goliath's arm pads.
  • Each Variant of Shooting Walkers has Goliath's lightsaber on its rear.
  • Sharpshooting Walkers have Titan's feet and Sage's Regenerating Blasters.
  • Elite Walkers have Grox Feet, an Accumulator, Pulse Blaster and Missile Launchers from Spore GA, Maldri's Gravitic Scythes Goliath's head and Glimmertoil and Seraph's Turret and Mine Activators.

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