Spatiorak Art
Vital statistics
Range Melee
Genesis Type Icon type quantum
Class Icon rank minion
Invasion Variant Banishing Spatiorak
Apocalypse Variant Spatiorak Ravager
Spatioraks are Quantum Minions from the planet Yuugof. These quadrapedal, spider-like creatures attack heroes with their clawed feet and pincers, and occasionally they can banish the hero, so that they can focus on other players or regroup for a new attack.


On Yuugof, spatioraks were always regarded with hostility and fear. As it turned out, the superstitions were true. After being mutated by the Crogenitors to withstand Yuugof's climate, the arachnid spatioraks used their pincers to squeeze or cut their prey to death. Their relatively advanced intelligence allowed them to devise strategies to capture their prey. When the Corruptor mutated the Yuugof biosphere in his E-DNA experiments, spatioraks gained the ability to thrust their enemies to an other dimension, allowing them to die in interdimensional space to focus on another target.

Behaviour, Attacks and TraitsEdit

  • Fast enemies
  • Melee Attack with feet or pincers
  • Melee Attacks have a chance to banish heroes
  • Regroups, while hero is banished

Download FilesEdit

SpatiorakBanishing SpatiorakSpatiorak RavagerElite Spatiorak


Spatioraks are dangerous enemies. Once they see a hero, they will run a circle to alert other nearby Spatioraks, and then, they converge upon a mass attack. They will attack with their clawed feet and their pincers. When they attack, they have a chance of banishing the hero, and once that happens, they will regroup and/or heal and when the hero is back, they repeat the attack sequence.

A good way to counter Spatioraks is using AoE Attacks, such as Zrin's Plasma Column, Char's Fiery Eruption, Sage's Strangling Briars or Wraith's Death's Embrace. Spatioraks are, however, somewhat fast enemies, so homing projectiles or quick melee attacks are the best way to get them fast before they have a chance to regroup.



  • Spatioraks are based off of the Visorak, spider-like Rahi from the Lego franchise, Bionicle.
  • The Special Elite version shows this, as it is a homage to these vicious Rahi.
  • Their pincers are Maldri's weapons.
  • In Onslaught, they have Arakna's feet, in Apocalypse - Char's feet.
  • They have Maldri's head.
  • Spatiorak's Variants have the same texture as their Onslaught Variant.

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