HNI 0091 JPG
"You seem like a tasty snack!"
Vital statistics
Range Melee
Genesis Type Icon type bio
Class Icon rank lieutenant
Invasion Variant Flower-Trap
Apocalypse Variant Biennial-Trap
Vine-Traps are Bio Operatives from Verdanth.


Has no Lore

Behaviour, Attacks and TraitsEdit

  • Tends to dig as it moves.
  • Locks down heros by gulping them into the Vine-Trap's mouth.
  • Has cage-like teeth for keeping heros locked.
  • Poisons the Locked enemy.


Vine-Trap Teeth Sketch

Teeth Behavior

Only appearing in Co-op, Vine-Traps are sneaky operatives that have the urge to swallow his enemies whole. Though their teeth are long, they have the genetic ability to decrease the size if nessesary(<--as shown on the picture). They have small vine-like arms that they can deal physical damage whenever there is only one hero around.

These operatives are hard to deal with when they lock a hero down. Make sure you keep an eye out for ground movement when a Vine-Trap goes into the ground. They will dig out and scoop you into the mouth when its near a hero. Since their teeth are like cages, one of Magnos' Kinetic Wave wouldn't instantly release the hero. You may have to damage him more to get the hero out of the lockdown. Also try to get your pets away from a Vine-Trap when its health reaches low, they also go for the pets to heal.



  • The Vine-Trap looks like a Venus Fly Trap.