Zapper, the Light Swormaster
CRE Zapper, the Light Swordmaster-0da0ecf7 sml
Vital statistics
Title The Light Swormaster
Gender Male
Crogenitor Annobuss
Genesis Type Mini_Icon_Light.png
Class Icon_ravager.png
Weapons Light Longsword
Basic Attack Light Thrusting
Unique Ability Solar Beam
Squad Ability Light Pool
Passive Ability Glowing Warrior
Alpha Ability Hyperwaveling
Beta Ability Shotlight
Gamma Abiltiy Hypnotic Servant
Delta Ability Emotion Leech

Zapper, the Light Swordmaster is a Light Ravager from Spectorium.


Zapper was once a paceful architect, who created bridges, solar powered buildings, floating structures... But in his free time, he trained really hard with his father's sword.

When the Darkspore invaded his house , they stole everything they found, even Zapper's father sword.That made Zapper rage and attack the darkspore hordes, even knowing that he had no chances to survive.

When crogenitor Annobuss found Zapper's dead body, he turned it a genetic weapon with solar energy runing trought his veins.He could control the power of light and brightness, and put it all in his sword

Zapper still searches his father's sword, while batling against hordes of Darkspore, using the solar power to venge all the victims that the Darkspore caused in all planets.


Basic Attack: Light thrustingEdit

Range:3 meters

Cooldown: 0.9 seconds

Cast type: instant

"Zapper swings his sword dealing 5-12 phisical damage to all enemies in a 3 meters range.Every fifth swing, he thrusts a enemy for 10-24 energy damage with a chance his sword glowing( see Zapper's passive)"

Unique Ability:Solar BeamEdit

Range: 25 meters

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Cast type: Chaneled

Power cost: 12

"Zapper raises his sword and casts a spell during 6 seconds an then he realises a solar beam that hits all the enemies in a straight line for 20-32 damage and shocking them.

Squad Ability:Light PoolEdit

Range: 17 meters

Cooldwon: 18 seconds

Cast type: Instant

Power cost: 30

"Zapper creates a area of light that hits every enemy who steps in it for 24-41 damage"

Passive Ability:Glowing WarriorEdit

"Zapper's attacks have a 30% chance of being done with the sword glowing, meaning double damage"

Overdrive:"The chances are increased to a 50% and glowing attacks do triple damage"


Alpha: Hyperwaveling - Releases a pulse of radiation, that deals small Energy Damage, weakens enemies by 10% and giving them a 20% Energy Vulnerability for a short time.

Beta: Shotlight - Fires a massive laser bolt, that will jump from enemy to enemy and deal high Energy Damage.

Gamma: Hypnotic Servant - Summons a semi-intelligent creature, that will follow the player. The creature will hypnotize enemies, making them freeze in place for a medium-short time.

Delta: Emotion Leech - Channeled. Drains health from up to four enemies and converts it to Power. If Power Reserves become full during the duration, the drain replenishes health instead. Low Power Cost.

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